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• dEDGE Post Scriptum •

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Not all NBA contests are simply the culmination of box scores, PERs and statistics. Rather, each game is influenced by the smallest of nuances and triviality that emanate from each team’s locker room. Not all contests are determined on the hardwood but instead begin in the inner sanctums of each player’s delicate psyche. Here, it can burst forward in a blaze of glory, reaping the player fame and fortune, or quickly fade into oblivion, discarded and forgotten by all. Not all winners are crowned champions, and not all champions are deemed winners. Players may come and go, but each leaves an indelible mark.

• dEDGE Post Scriptum • provides you with brief, post-game reflections, a thought-provoking observation, or an opportunity to genuflect and bid adieu. Each is attached with a taste to the lore and legacy of the Los Angeles Lakers. Whether you’re an MVP-chanter, a Celtics-hater, or a technician of the triangle, there is something of interest here for every Lakers fan.


First Round Reflections 2012
One Goofy in Orlando is Enough

Shelly Niimi: The Machine Behind the Machine

Thank You Phil Jackson
Mavs/Lakers Semifinal Observations
First Round Lakers/Hornets Observations
Where Does Kobe Bryant Really Rank?
Pau Dishes A Valuable Assist to Dr. Skaggs

Shaq, Tyreke and Gone Fishin’
Lebron Opts for D-Wade & C-Bosh

H.A.G.S. (Have A Great Summer)

Final Reflections
John Wooden, 99. Passes Away

They Love It. We Love It. I Love LA!
Western Conference Final Reflections
Second Round Reflections
First Round Reflections
Kurt Rambis, Head Coach of…

Welcome Ron Artest and Welcome to Controversy
Farewell Trevor Ariza
2009 NBA Finals Observations
Western Conference Final Observations
Second Round Observations

Kobe’s Top Ten List
2009 NBA Playoffs – Bench Mob
Final First Round Observations
2009 NBA Playoffs – Andrew Bynum
2009 NBA Playoffs – Derek Fisher

2009 NBA Playoffs – Trevor Ariza
Playoff Observations
2009 NBA Playoffs – Lamar Odom
2009 NBA Playoffs – Pau Gasol
2009 NBA Playoffs – Kobe Bryant