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profile2To say I’m passionate about the Los Angeles Lakers is a huge understatement. I border on fanatical, driven to purple-and-gold lunacy on game days. Yet through it all, I embrace a unique narrative on the games themselves. They say, “too many chefs in the kitchen can spoil the soup.” For the Lakers, the opposite is true. Without a dash of turmoil and turbulence, the dish would be uninteresting and bland. Instead, we are privileged to enjoy a hot, bubbling cauldron full of passion and magical flavors.

I’ve been a Forum blue-and-golder since the Lakers very first NBA championship with Mr. Clutch and Wilt the Stilt; through Showtime at the Fabulous Forum with Chickie-Baby; through Shaq and Kobe with their triumphs and tribulations; back to Phil in the saddle with Kobe, Pau and LO; and finally to today, with a familiar face on the bench and a brand new cast of heroes.

It’s never dull in Lakerland so strap yourselves in for another fantastic ride. Sit back, read, relax, and remember, “no harm, no foul.”

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