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First Round Reflections 2012

2012 May 14

• dEDGE Post Scriptum •

The Laker Girls are in superb playoff form supporting the purple and gold in their quest for banner #17. Copyrights may apply. All rights reserved.

Game 1 – Welcome to the block party. A trip-dub for Drew. Danilo Gallinari is 6’10″ of no defense. Kobe being Kobe, dropping a cool 31. Steve Blake with three 3-pointers in the 1st period. No Metta World Peace, no problem. Devin Ebanks with his Trevor Ariza impersonation. Dominant inside, efficient from outside. Welcome to the post-season Ramon Sessions!

Game 2 – Staples Center cast as a Broadway stage. A “surprising” felony assault charge against Jordan Hill. The Beast is unleashed. Gallinari still can’t buy a basket. Denver still can’t get a lead. Pau leading the fast break. Andrew finishing the fast break. The 83rd 30+ points game in the playoffs by Kobe. 42-1 in the playoffs after winning the first two games.

Game 3 – Bynum arrives late for the show. Mile-high altitude and attitude. Ty Lawson turns on the after-burners. A 28-2 run and this game looks to be over before halftime. JaVale McGee on Sports Center for a highlight, not a lowlight. Pam McGee, a nervous mommy watching over her boy. Denver holds a 52-32 points-in-the-paint advantage. We could really use Lamar Odom right about now… Beat LA! Gallinari still in a shooting slump.

Game 4 – Bynum arrives early. Al Harrington is a masked man, but he’s no Black Mamba. Jordan Hill is a double-double exclamation point on the backboards. Steve Blake blocks a shot. “Where’s Kenyon!?!” Kobe: “Girls in Denver are craaazy.” Lakers pick up the D in Denver. Gallo with the Euro-flop. Sessions drains the corner 3-pointer. Blake drains the dagger trey.

Game 5 – Andrew Bynum: “Close-out games are kind of easy.” Andre Miller with the old-school moves. JaVale McGee is a difference maker. Kobe transform into Mamba-mode sinking 4 straight 3-bombs en route to 43-points. Drew eating crow. George Karl: “His (Bynum) feeling on close-outs is a little different than mine.” Kobe Bryant: “I almost bailed us out, is what happened.” 

Game 6 – Pack for 3-days. A scene from “The Exorcist.” Birdman and kiddie porn!?! 13-0 to start and it only gets worse. Although sick, Kobe is the only one that doesn’t look it. Lawson takes Sessions to driving school. A Kobe karate-chop to Faried’s head. Pau goes ker-plunk. Mike Brown: “Our second- and third-best players are Drew and Pau, and the reality is both of those guys got to play better in order for us to win.” 

Game 7 – The return of MWP. How’d we get to this point? Magic Johnson: “Mike Brown will not be coaching the Lakers if they lose this game.” Mike Brown: “He’s free to say what he wants. It doesn’t bother me.” The Blake Show. A 16-point lead disappears when Lawson turns on the after-jets. World Peace with the strip on Gallo. One, two, three, four, five, six offensive tips, then the basket by Gasol. Drew and Pau combine for 39-points, 35-rebounds, 10-blocks. Kobe delivers the dagger 3-pointer, then high-5′s Justin Timberlake. Lakers have their fill of Nuggets. No time to celebrate, off to OKC.

Celebrity Row – Antonio Banderas. Jeffrey Katzenberg. Brian Austin Green. Megan Fox. Sir David Beckham. Posh Spice. Mario Lopez. Courtney Mazza. Jack Black. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Dustin Hoffman. Champ Bailey. Andy Garcia. Dustin Brown. Lil Wayne. Jimmy Iovine. Zac Efron. Kevin Love. Ashton Kutcher. Jeffrey Osborne. Larry David. Jeremy Renner. Dr. Drew Pinsky. Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel. Kanye West. Kim Kardashian. Amir Kahn. Barry Diller. The Game. Diane Von Furstenberg. Julie Bowen.

2 Responses
  1. Biggs permalink
    May 14, 2012

    Shouldn’t have taken seven games. Now the Lakers are going to have no time to react before getting hit by the Thunder.

  2. Lakers4Life permalink
    May 14, 2012

    Gotta love that crazy lady rushing the court. “Where’s Kenyon? Where’s Kenyon? Go and bother the Clippers now.

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