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In Case There’s Any Dispute Who’s Really #1

2011 October 20

Sorry Lakers fans, especially Kobe fans (myself included), but as of today, there is still only ONE, #1 player of all time. No one has come close to matching the talent, charisma, marketing savvy, or the global icon that Michael Jordan continues to be. Kobe Bryant may be the closest reincarnation of MJ, from his killer-instinct to his sheer ability to will his team to victory. But His Airness still reigns supreme, head and shoulders above the giants of the game. Kobe’s career is far from over, and Lakers fans will have the opportunity to continue to push him to further greatness. God willing and with the labor lockout hopefully close to an agreement, we’ve got a few precious seasons left to see if Kobe can once again will his way over the top, and be mentioned in the same breath as the greatest of all time.

Enjoy this video by kokazp and other great NBA compilations, including this special preview montage featuring the Black Mamba himself.

3 Responses
  1. STEVE-O permalink*
    November 5, 2011

    Michael Jordan’s legacy recently took a hit when he was identified as the “so called” ringleader of the hardliners in the NBA labor dispute. Jordan is apparently in favor of taking no less than 50-50 on all BRI and will vote down any other scenario. The media has swarmed around this, calling MJ a hypocrite now that he is an NBA owner, rather than the one raking in the millions and millions as the face of the league.

    Is this just an instance where MJ is trying to be a good businessman or has the tables really turned, flagging him as a traitor to the players, many who sport his Air Jordan brand? As with all business decisions, not all are popular amongst the masses, but necessary nonetheless for the business to succeed. But in this case, did MJ venture too far out on the ledge, separating himself from the worshippers to an empire that he had built with his own two hands?

  2. Lake_Show permalink
    October 23, 2011

    Kobe is walking in the similar footsteps as Kareem once did. All the new gunslingers in town have to come through him first and so far, none have succeeded.

  3. Purple_Reign permalink
    October 23, 2011

    Kobe’s current ranking as #7 by ESPN is a total sham. If he is ultimately known as the second best player next to Air Jordan, I can live with that.

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